Wednesday, November 4, 2009


While experimenting with various "gadgets" easily available for addition to this blog, I made what I consider to be an interesting discovery.

I added two video bars along the side. I wanted the first to play only whatever has been posted on YouTube for the world renowned musical group, Pink Martini. So, during set up, I did not mark options that I did not want. However, it soon became very clear that YouTube read what I did (or didn't do) as "undefined". And so what showed up in the video bar was a sound described on YouTube by the person posting it as "undefined", a cacophonous, raucous sound that may be music to someone's ears but certainly not to mine.The album, "As I Lay Dying."

However, the lyrics are interesting:

what is this world, what is this we've created
in the burdens of this life I cannot rest
this world means nothing
everything we hold will pass away
with a void of completion comfort will ever fade
I long for this wind to cease
we once held undying devotion
now dead to our thoughts, undefined, like our love

Interesting aside, the ads that were here disappeared shortly thereafter.

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