Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SwipeBids ....... Noooooooo!!!!!

A year's membership with 300 "free" bids will set you back $159. Another 300 bids will cost you another $150.

I cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend this auction site.

SwipeBids .....I couldn't help but wonder how this name was chosen. However, after using up  nearly all of my "free" bids in a relatively short time, I think I know. This online auction site is in the business of selling bids. Anything interesting enough to bid on takes more than one of your bids each time you click to bid ..... camera or television set = five bids per click.

There are actually very few items up for auction. Most of the auction space is devoted to bidding on more bids. When there is a winning bid .... a note pops up with the winner's user name and a message saying something like ..... user saved 90% ....... of course, that 90% does not factor in the cost of the bids used to "win" the auction.

Each time a bidder clicks, time is added to the auction and the price of the item increases by pennies. The last bidder when the clock runs out "wins". There is no point in bidding when there are hours or even minutes on the clock. The action begins when there are 10 seconds (or less) remaining on the clock. Bidders clicking on the Bid button with 1 or 2 seconds on the clock keep the auction going.

Don't have the patience to wait for other bidders to give up? No problem.  Auto Bid will bid for you until all your bids have been used up. Several bidders on Auto Bid can race to use up their bids (race to throw away their money). What a deal!  What a deal for whoever came up with this money making scheme.

Save your money. This is NOT a good deal for the consumer!

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