Saturday, June 12, 2010

Estes Kefauver

An interesting read ...... I discovered Estes Kefauver delivering a message about organized crime, at the end of a classic film noir, The Captive City, .My movie-watching companion is old enough to remember when Estes Kefauver served as a United States Senator from Tennessee. Kefauver was a contemporary of Al Gore, Sr and Lyndon Johnson. He seems to have been an independent man of conscience.

We could use some of Kefauver's anit-trust/anti-monopoly fervor today.

The Captive City, 1952 movie poster

The Captive City, from Wise Films, this review also discusses photographic technique

The Captive City, from Where Danger Lives Blogspot

The Captive City, from Wikipedia

The Captive City, from Movie Mirrors

The Captive City, from IMDb

The Captive City, from TV-Guide

Robert Wise Biography, from AOL Television

See also, This TV  (where I came across this movie)

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